• Face piece produced from soft non-allergic TPE material
• Provides excellent fit to aid with protection
• Low profile design offers improved field of vision
• Soft adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit to wide range of contours
• Can be fitted with A1, ABEK, and P3 filter cartridges
• Gas filters can be fitted with replaceable pre-filters and retainer adapters

Product Code: BB3000S (Yellow), BB3000M (Grey), BB3000L (Blue)
Available in Sizes: S – L
Product Codes For Filters:
BB3000A1 (A1 Filters)
BB3000B1 (B1 Filters)
BB3000K1 (K1 Filters)
BB3000ABEK (ABEK Filters)
BB3000A1P2 (A1P2 Filters)
BB3000P3 (P3R Filters)
BB3000PF (Pre-Filter)
BB3000RET (Retainer)
BB3020 (Mask c/w A1P2 Filters)
BB3030 (Mask c/w ABEK Filters)